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He's Home! (Again!)

This past Thursday, G-baby had to spend the night at Seattle Children's Hospital after a successful operation. What would have been a more complicated surgical procedure elsewhere was handled expertly by the specialists at Children's. Worth mentioning is the detail and support provided for parents every step of the way. 

A few additional observations:

- It's not easy to hand over your child to a surgical team. That moment is incredibly emotional, even if you think you're prepared for it.

- The medical stakes are just higher when dealing with children. I believe this is partially due to the inherent innocence of youth. Some years back, this was discussed while I was studying to become an EMT. I didn't ultimately continue down that path after signing a baseball contract, but I had good reason to recall the instructor's words.



G-Baby has crossed 5 pounds and continues to love the swaddle. The general guideline is that we can expect him to come home from the NICU around his normal due date (June 25th). Until then, it's about completing protocols. These are target thresholds that help prove that preemies are capable of regulating temp and feeding consistently and effectively when at home. He's got his dad's nose, but he's as persnickety as his mother. Today he pulled out his feeding tube (again).  


Origin stories are the best. This website was created on 5.30.18 at the Starbucks in the lobby of Seattle's Swedish Hospital. Chocolate covered graham crackers were dusted off the keyboard. I sipped from my 3rd latte.

It was a good day.