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NICU Nights & Coyote Cries

My wife, S, and I have a Star Wars baby. Our son, Graham, kicked a tripwire and arrived 8 weeks early on May 4th with a coyote cry - a 3 lb 14 oz late night hunger yip that would send a rabbit to scurry. 

We were unprepared. 

S was admitted to the hospital two weeks ahead of our official hospital tour ... we had no "go bag" by the door ... no crib ... no diapers. S mentally prepared to spend as much as 4 weeks in a hospital bed to hold off Graham's arrival and provide the little kicker more time to develop. The biggest concern at 32 weeks is lung development and nothing is more effective than hanging out in the womb. So we canceled our baby shower. 

It could have been worse. The morning S's water broke, she had her Tom Bihn bag packed for a convention in Austin. As this post is published, we could be watching out little man pack on the ounces in a NICU in Texas. Instead we're close to home -- 6 minutes without traffic from our home to Swedish First Hill. Cut 30 seconds if you run that red light off Broadway, which I've done ... but just that one time. For the thrill. 

Welcome to the world G-Baby, our little coyote. I love it when you're deep in a snooze then pop one eye open for a quick peek, like a curious submarine commander raising the periscope for a cheeky check of the weather. 

S -- this will be our greatest collaboration. XO