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About ME:

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Over the course of my storytelling career...

I've created and developed nonfiction content that has been distributed to millions of American households by major cable networks (Discovery, Investigation Discovery, AHC, TLC). I've tangoed with Shark Week in-house at Discovery (Discovery Studios) and developed unparalleled true-crime with Red Marble Media (Shattered, Evil Lives Here, Village of the Damned) in New York. 

Translation: I love telling stories that foster innovation and motivate people to action. The results advance organizational objectives and make people feel good.

Click HERE for a sample of my creative work. And HERE. Or HERE.

A sea change has occurred in the content world. With the rise in digital platforms, the most innovative storytelling is no longer controlled by the television distribution model. Brands can now engage directly with consumers in authentic and dynamic new ways. Transparency is off the charts. How companies shape their mission, actively advance their reputations, and build organic relationships offers a new need for powerful storytelling that will shape our culture.  

Recently relocated to Seattle (my original hometown), I'm on a mission to engage and unite audiences by helping brands tell their stories. My wife, Dr. S, brought us home. She works in TB research, a disease that currently affects 1/3 of the world.  

In early May 2018 we welcomed our son to the world two months early. In mid June, we finally brought him home. He's pretty damn cute. 

The following website is a content outlet, a collection of micro thoughts and minor insights to help satiate my sleep-deprived creative spirit. I'll share my unique background and personal experiences along the way.





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